10 Ways To Increase Your Practice’s Productivity, Communication, and Patient Satisfaction

Since introducing InSync, Digital Technology Partners’ newly updated intraoffice communication software, medical and dental practices have been impressed and delighted. This feature-rich application enhances their day-to-day productivity and improves overall patient satisfaction.

Simply stated, InSync streamlines medical and dental office communication and increases productivity, so providers may focus on providing excellent patient care. 

InSync incorporates ten key components to increase office productivity, enhance in-office communication, and improve patient satisfaction for medical and dental practices throughout the United States:

1.  Customizable to Your Needs

The ability to manage and customize the InSync platform to your office’s needs is the first key ingredient. With InSync, your practice can create and customize as many users/sign-in accounts as you need!

2. Easy to Use

InSync’s easy-to-use platform means team members can quickly and easily get up to speed and adopt InSync’s productivity improvements into their daily routines.

3. Accessible When You Need IT

InSync’s Screen Dock gives you the option to shrink the desktop application and pin it to the side of your computer screen, so all of InSync’s features are visible for whenever needed. Screen Dock ensures your paging and messaging platform always remains visible, minimizing screen space used, the repeated opening and closing of windows, and missed communication among staff.

4. Eliminates Missed Messages

InSync’s built-in chat feature allows team members to quickly exchange messages on the go. Users can chat individually or in groups, and carry-on multiple conversations at once. Staff members can compose emails easily with just one click. InSync allows you to send email messages without launching a web browser or email application.

5. Simplifies Staff Paging

Page staff to specific rooms in your practice with two clicks of the mouse. Simply select their name and then select the name of the room they’re needed. Simple! InSync’s advanced dental office paging system is like no other, designed to streamline communication and increase efficiency in dental practices of all sizes.

6. Easy Patient Tracking

Replace paper sign-in sheets and confusion with InSync’s patient tracking. Upon arrival, patients are greeted by your contactless check-in kiosk, and staff are updated with the arrival of each new patient in the queue. Color-coordinated buttons allow you to easily track patient location, status, and time in the queue, allowing you to easily track how much time a patient spends in each area of your office.

7. Increased Office Productivity

InSync allows you to conveniently pull visit reports to monitor your office’s efficiency. Set goals for your staff and gauge progress with a visual report to present and discuss in your next office huddle!

8. Support When You Need It

InSync’s technical support team operates on a quick, user-friendly system that is easily accessible through the InSync application. Rest assured that any issue or questions will be acknowledged and resolved quickly and efficiently. Our team is equipped to assist with billing questions, application questions, upgrade information, troubleshooting, and more!

9. Attractive and Convenient Pricing

InSync’s attractive and convenient pricing is structured to fit the needs of your practice. Licenses and features can grow and evolve as your practice grows.

10. Developed by the Dental Technology Experts

InSync’s intra-office communication software was designed and developed by Digital Technology Partners, the dental technology experts. We’ve been a leader in dental practice technology for more than 15 years – providing fast, secure, and reliable IT solutions. Practices can rest assured they have the latest and most advanced dental practice technology with InSync.