InSync’s growing list of features is the perfect toolkit for increasing staff efficiency and patient satisfaction in your dental practice. Take a look at InSync’s current capabilities:

Admin Portal

InSync’s administrator portal allows you to manage and customize the application, specific to your office needs. Create and customize as many users/sign-in accounts as you need!

 Screen Docking

InSync’s Screen Docking feature allows you to customize the application’s size, position, and display settings to fit your monitors perfectly. This feature also ensures pages and messages don’t go unnoticed, as it docks the InSync application to your screen alongside your other computer programs, remaining visible at all times.


Compose emails easily with just one click. InSync allows you to send email messages without requiring you to launch a web browser or email application.

Meaning Buttons

InSync’s meaning buttons provide additional details about a page when it’s first initiated.


InSync’s messaging feature allows you to send quick, secure, and password protected messages to ensure easy communication and maintain privacy within a message thread. Easily create messaging groups, and freely toggle between multiple conversations. If a message has not been read, you will receive a timely notification indicating that a message needs your attention.

Mobile Access

InSync’s portal and application are easily accessible from any mobile device. Track your office volume from anywhere in the world!


Paging provides customized visual and audio notifications when one or more staff members are needed in a room. The feature also displays a timer which allows you to quickly see how long a page has been active. Initiating, clearing, and canceling pages are simple, requiring just one click.

Patient Tracking

Easily monitor patients’ visits from start to finish, to ensure minimal wait times and efficient time management practices. Patient tracking makes it easy to stay on schedule, as you’re able to manage and edit the estimated appointment length. This feature also allows you to quickly check in patients for their appointments, while discreetly notifying the attending staff of patients’ arrivals.


InSync allows you to conveniently pull visit reports from patient tracking to monitor your office’s efficiency. Set goals for your staff, with a visual report to present and discuss in your next office huddle!

Self Check-In Kiosk

Get rid of your paper sign-in sheet! InSync’s self check-in kiosk allows patients to check themselves in for appointments, freeing up time for your staff, and making check-in convenient for your patients. Wall, desk, and floor mounts will give your kiosk a neat, professional look to complement your office. Security cables will eliminate any chances of theft and/or damage to the kiosk.

Technical Support

InSync’s technical support team operates on a quick, user-friendly ticketing system that is easily accessible through the InSync application. Rest assured that any issue or questions will be acknowledged and resolved quickly and efficiently. Our team is equipped to assist with billing questions, application questions, upgrade information, troubleshooting, and more!


Send secure messages to any staff member from the app on your phone or smart watch! Texting allows you to easily communicate with your team whether you are in the office, or out to lunch!